Movies That I Wanna Watch for the Fickle Season

Weather Report brought a bad news to us,who were actually intoxicated in the overjoy of coming Spring a moment ago.The long-expected season would be delayed by a gust of strong,chilly wind.Well,skirts taken off,furry coats reput on and outgoing plans cancelled,we have to stay indoors after monotonous work and study.Life becomes boring again…

“How about watching some wonderful movies???”a voice from heart struck me all of a sudden.

Good idea!!!

Half an hour’s searching online brought me a small list:

1.“One Day” by Anne Hathaway,eh…it seems I watched it on my friend’s computer.Thus,pass!!!

2.“A Walk to Remember”by Mandy Moore,it says it’s a movie made from Nicolas Spark’s novel of same name.What’s more,A ROMANCE MOVIE!!!I love it.Ok,it is on.

3.“Dear John” by Amanda Seyfried,I found it from one lengthy page of Nicolas’ life.Another ROMANCE MOVIE!!!On!!

4.“Sherlock Holmes 2—The Play of the Shadow” by Donny Roberts.This is definitely some one I have been awaiting since its first one.On!!!

5.“Harry Potter and And The Deathly Hallows 2”(by someone whose name I do not need to mention since he has been so well-known)oh,my!!!I cannot watch it here???!!!Why???Well,have to pass it…

6.“Bat Man”by Seems to be a bit old compared with the others,but have got very good comments.I’ll do it!!!

7.“The Notebook”by Ryan Gosling,romantic but full suspenses.Who on earth the old man reading to Allie,Noah or Lon???I should go and find it out.