Cultural Express—Sweet Details of Dating Foreigners

I myself was never in a relationship with any westerner even though I have got friends.However,listening to exotic lovers’ romantic stories can be really a draw,since the cultural distinctions are really delicious additions in them.

When I first met my Chinese girlfriend, she was just the sweetest and kindest human being I had ever encountered. I remember looking at her for the very first time as she glanced back at me through her small black frame glasses. Most of all, I remember how cute she looked walking up and down the university campus in her little furry winter boots. Since then, we have been many things: friends, colleagues and finally couple (not necessary in that order). It´s now been two years since the night we first met at a birthday dinner in Shanghai, but no matter how much time we spend together, she still manages to surprise (and scare) the hell out of me. Don´t get me wrong, I love my Chinese girlfriend. She is my friend, my mother, my hobby and recently also my nine to five.

The best thing about being with a Chinese woman, is that she will make you discover skills, which you never, in your life, thought you could possess. I myself work in the automotive engineering industry and before I began working in this industry, I actually worked a lot with computers and software engineering. So, as you can see, I am a really big fan of technology and never would have guessed that I could end up being a part-time butler.

In the one year that we have been officially together, I can´t seriously remember one day in which she didn´t have at least one little chore for me to fulfill. These tasks go from translating emails, to doing little household chores, to giving her foot massages. My personal favorite task, is when she waits for me to lay down on the bed and tuck myself in, before saying: Honey, you forgot to get “us” some water. It seems, the more intimate we get, the more time I have been investing in my Majordomo career. I am now seriously thinking about buying myself a black tuxedo and changing my name to James.

Don´t you dare misinterpret me! I am not complaining about my Chinese girl. I am simply telling you all the great advantages of having an oriental princess by your side. In this world there is no sweet without the sour and sometimes my relationship with my Chinese girlfriend can get pretty sour. Talking about sour… I hate fruit! I hate it. I know it´s weird, but I don´t eat fruit. I enjoy vegetables, but not fruit! Now here is where the disadvantages of having a China girl comes into play. After my girlfriend found out I didn´t eat any fruit, my refrigerator was always packed with strawberries. And if that wasn´t enough, she would use her sweet little face to convince me to eat 3 strawberries a day! And after she noticed that I always picked the smaller sized ones, she made it her personal priority to pick the strawberries for me. Guess which ones she picked? That, my friends, is what I call Chinese torture! Those Communists really know their trade, don´t they?

Another thing that Chinese women love to do is to make you carry stuff you never needed before! The weather here in northern Germany can get really nasty, I admit. I have lost count of how many times I arrived home soaking wet! Well…ever since my girlfriend moved in, I have forgotten what it is like to feel that refreshing freezing rain dripping all over my head! Every time it begins to pour, I now seem to have a brand new umbrella magically appearing in my bag!

I guess I should stop complaining and close this article by telling you about the number one disadvantage of living with a Chinese girl. The biggest disadvantage of having a Chinese woman in your life has got to be the food! Ever since I moved in with my girl, I haven´t been able to lose any weight! Ever! All those dishes she (sometimes) prepares, have always gotten me craving for more! Not to mention the fact that every time I get sick, she will always serve me some miracle witch soup and the next day I am as good as new! I haven´t been able to call in sick for months!!

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Do Chinese wives think foreign men and Chinese men are different? Of course. Due to cultural differences, there must be many differences between Chinese men and foreign men. In the following article, I ,a Chinese wife, will explain two of them according to my own experience.

It is more common to see a Chinese man complaining about the food his wife has cooked. My dad often complains that this dish is too salty, or that that dish is too spicy, as does my older brother. However, my husband, an American guy, is always pleased with my food even when it is really not good. For example, I made pizza this last week, which I subsequently named “fat pizza,” because the pizza dough was too thick. Not only that, but having never cooked with tomato paste before, I accidentally bought a can of Chef Boyardee’s Beefaroni, and used it as a pizza sauce. You can imagine what my “fat pizza” tasted like with Beefaroni on it—-It was really interesting, to put it politely, but my husband knew I had worked hard and he didn’t want to see me disappointed, so he ate a lot and said it was not bad.

In addition, foreign men can be funny to live with. Compared with others, my husband is a little messy, and he seems to enjoy it. One day, after showering, he was looking for his socks with his shoes in his hand, which he then placed on the bed. Later, when I saw that he had put his shoes on the bed while putting on his socks, I laughed and asked him to put his shoes on the floor and wipe the bed clean. To my surprise, he started hitting the bed with his shoes, all over the sheets trying to make the bed dirtier. He then turned and asked me, “is it clean enough, babe?”. It was so funny that I hunched over with laughter.

Later, I told him that Chinese men would never do what he did if the same thing had happened. Actually, I don’t think Chinese men would have put their shoes on the bed to begin with. However, if it did happen, most Chinese men would either wipe off the bed, or ignore it. My husband then responded, “Chinese men are so boring. How can I make my wife laugh if I just wipe off the bed?”
Chinese men and American men have different attitudes towards both food and cleanliness, American attitudes towards food makes cooking easier for Chinese women. American attitudes towards cleanliness may not always be so nice, but they can also be charming. Some women may like a husband who obeys them all the time, but Chinese wives would probably love it that her husband always tries to make her happy.

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