Cultural Express—Couple’s T-shirts

Before this week’s blog,I have a question to pose for the western male friends.Will you fancy the idea if one day your Chinese girlfriends advise both of you to put on the couple’s T-shirts?

Well,a blog that cropped up this morning just enlightened me.It seems that we Chinese girls do like to wear couple T-shirts when in a relationship because that means something in common between us displayed publicly and proudly,which is considered a romance and even ranked top of the Most Romantic Things You Want to Do with Your Boyfriend.


However,when it comes to the westerners,it is never possibly the same.They would argue  about its stupidity and awkwardness brought about on one side and its always faithful and loving significance behind on the other,like…

” However, when I first introduced this idea to my dear English boyfriend, he was absolutely appalled and said: ‘why are they doing that?! That’s ridiculous!’

– I would say that’s something very Chinese, he continued.  I noticed that many Chinese girls would wear T-shirts with cartoon designs. I mean, it’s cute for small girls, but definately not for a grown woman! And for guy as well? No way! That just looks so, so awkward.’

– But it shows people that they love each other and they like to appear to be ONE! I argued.

–  I still love you even if we are not wearing the same shirt. I think your clothes kind of show people your personality, and I like you to be yourself; different from anyone else, with your own personality and thoughts. Those uniform-like couple – shirts are just, well, so stupid! He said.

– Well yes I guess it is a very Chinese thing. I’m not a fan of couple T-shirts myself but I can totally understand the idea behind it. It’s just the Chinese way of love. It’s purer and more subtle. Couples here like to do cute and sweet things together, which in the west are well looked-down upon. You have a word for this—sticky, isn’t it? But in China people who wear couple T-shirts just want to have another thing in common, so that they feel more loved by the one another. What is so stupid about that? I said.”

It is a story on,designated for helping the lovers of different nationalities,especially on side from China,overcome the difficulties along the path of their romance.

Now,what about your answers??

As a Chinese girl,honestly,I would also love to have my western boyfriend do every possibly romantic thing,including couple’s T-shirt.To quote the author again” if you love your Chinese girlfriend, why not give her a couple´s T-shirt? It’s not as ridiculous as you might think. I assure you it’s absolutely normal in China, and your Chinese girl would love your surprise!”



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