More Updates about Our Hostel

It has been 2 rounds of Spring,Summer,Autumn,Winter now since the moment I created the blog account,if my memory serves me correctly.Some changes have been made in our hostel.


This was how the lobby was set,pool table in front of the shelves with many adornings on which was next to the huge TV screen.Sofas beside it were good places for the traveling couch potatos.When you walked down from the sofas,you would be confronted with a tea table where the whole traditional Chinese tea set were put and offered for people to enjoy.

However,you could still spot several differences from the pic except the different staff team.A CAT!!!





Yes,you are right,a cute kitten,Monkey,has joined us several months,brought a lot fun as well as trouble here.His lifestyle is like a cycle:sleeping–eating–playing–eating–sleeping.



Besides,our lobby has been totally rearranged.


What’s more,two 6 superior ensuite dorms were made out to cater for many travelers’ needs.



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