Cultural Express—Shaanxi Ten Wonders

Maybe because I was born in warmhouse and bred in gold palace,too much hard and flat a pillow would definitely make me sleepless the whole night.However,one of my roommates now sleeps like a baby every day even though that is a bumpy pillow with some dried barley filled inside.She is 100% of Shaanxi descent.Her comparatively dark complexion and a bit rough character are the proof that she was brought up in the “Sanqin” Area(三秦地区).

How could she bear that?

“The ballad is the following: the ‘SanQin’(Shaanxi province)people, the clodhoppers, prefer stones to pillows. The stones are ice-cold and stable which can not be exchanged with gold for its use of refreshing.

The people in Shaanxi prefer wooden or stone pillows to soft pillows, which is related to the honest and straightforward character of Shaanxi people.

In Shaanxi, when it is too hot to bear in summer, the clodhoppers prefer to pillow a brick or stone to sleep soundly at night. What’s more, Shaanxi people call it ‘Jin Bu huan’(a priceless thing which cann’t be exchanged with gold). One can well perceive that Shaanxi people are attached to the wooden and stone pillows as well as crazy about them.

The penman find that most of the Shaanxi people’s hindbrains are flat through careful textual research. Therefore, the penman doubt that whether the flat hindbrains have something with the ancestors’ habit, pillowing bricks to sleep.

As it was too hot in summer, my family members were willing to enjoy the cool in the open air in my childhood. Sometimes, we even slept outside. Laying on a mat with head on the ice-cold stone, I listened to my grandpa telling the tale as if I was the protagonist without a moment when I was awake, the star were shining in the sky like naughty kids and the dew damped the quilt corners.”

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