Cultural Express—Shaanxi Ten Wonders

I admit,I wasn’t fast acclimatized to everything here in Xi’an,the ever windy,dry and dusty weather,the seemingly rude dialect,the directions,the fierce heat of summer,and especially,the foods.

I would like to throw up every time at the thought of eating belt-brand noodles after having to do that almost everyday for a month.What’s more,the gigantic bowl I found in some restaurants where they used that to hold the noodles scared me at the first sight.Is that for a girl with no ravenous appetite to eat?Is there a normal person who would use that to eat??It was the same size as a BASIN!!!

As the ballad goes, Shaanxi people’s bowl is so large that it can be filled with noodles. A bowl of noodles is enough to make one full chatting with each other at the ‘bowl meeting’.

Shaanxi people call the bowl old bowl instead of bowl from which we can see that the word ‘old’ does not mean a long history but the largest one among the bowls. In fact, the old bowl is really the chief of the bowl.

As for the old bowl produced in Yao county, its texture is coarse porcelain. Although the bowl looks a little splay at the first sight, it emanates a kind of frankness and honesty, which is like the character of Shaanxi people. The authentic old bowl is deep and round equal to seven or eight small bowls.  They including the young, the old, the kids and women all use the old bowl. It is absolutely convenient to use this bowl for it is enough for one time.

Shaanxi people like eating together for happiness which is named ‘old bowl meeting’. Sometimes, if one family’s meal is delicious, people will give a bowl of meal to other family’s child generously. Compared with the south people who enjoy the cate alone at home, Shaanxi people is a little forthright. When people bask outside of the gate in twos and threes holding an large bowl chatting, no one think this isn’t the gift bestowed on Shaanxi people by god.

Now with the improvement of life conditions, people eat more and more sock and non-staple  foodstuffs. Therefore, people eat less than before and the bowl gets smaller and smaller. The old bowl becomes the past gradually. However, personally speaking, I yearn for the ‘old bowl meeting’ full of simple country flavor more strongly in the mind.


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