Cultural Express—Shaanxi Ten Wonders

It seems it has become very universal that marriages are usually established between two people from the same region.Prince William married to Kate Middleton from Scottish royal family,people from Zhejiang Province despising at marrying their girls to boys from other provinces.You can scarcely find English royal marrying American apart from Wallice  Simpson and Edward VIII and the Lord and Lady Gratham in Downton Abbey.

In Shaanxi,they have the same custom restrictly abided by in the antiquity:

“The ballad is the following: Chang’an as a capital has been founded for more than ten dates. The spring lasts for ever for the birth of heroes brings glory to this place. The life conditions are good for the favorable weather, so the girls won’t marry guys in other regins.

The Guanzhong plain(the middle part of Shaanxi) is a place to which the birth of heroed brings glory with vast and fertile land from of old. Therefore, the people living there have enough food and clothing so that they are unwilling to open the mind. What’s more, the conservativeness of Shaanxi people is widely known all over the whole China.

The conservativeness of their own girls is known more widely in Shaanxi. The girls in Shaanxi won’t marry guys in other regions from of old. Shaanxi people absolutely won’t let others gain extra advantage unfairly even the least bit, therefore strictly speaking, the Shaanxi girls usually marry the guys in Shaanxi instead of other regions. From of old, the girls in Henan, Sichuan, Hubei, Ganshu,etc marry the guys in Shaanxi in succession, however, it is hard to see that the girls in Shaanxi marry the guys in other regions.

In my hometown, although the poor guys with many brothers, who really can’t find the proper local-wife, find a wife in other regions, they will be disdained by the neighbors for a lifetime.

As Shaanxi is a place with many advantages, in which the monarches of eighteen dynasties founded their capitals, it is full of feudalism. Therefore, the girls in Shaanxi is usually traditional and conservative. In addition, as eighteen dynasties’ monarched founded their capitals in Chang’an, the people living there is more arrogant and confident. What’s more, they can have enough food and clothing by working hard at usual, and enjoy the life with their wives and kids. Therefore, the people in Shaanxi prefer living freely in their own life circles to wandering from place to place for their cause.

As the girls live in the relatively close environment, their marriages are decided by their parents and matchmakers. With the help of their relatives, the people in Shaanxi inquire everywhere and then choose a relatively satisfied family to marry their daughters, which is helpful to know the guys’ family well.

As the saying goes:———-, therefore the girls in Shaanxi surely won’t marry the guys in other regions. However, that has been a long history. The young in modern time have their own choices. In order to shoot for their own free and happy marriage, they broking the traditional marriage have gone out of Shaanxi and gone to the world to marry the foreigeners with blue eyes and yellow hair.

When it is time for me to marry after leaving the hometown for more than ten years, my parents insisted that the girls in Shaanxi is better than others.”

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