Cultural Express—Shaanxi Ten Wonders


Oh,nice and lovely pic!!!You might say that seeing this pic.Yeah,it is lovely and nice.However,we are not going to use it illustrate how to paint funny Chinese pics,but a peculiar culture here in Shaanxi.

Muslim women wear veil around their head and neck to show modesty and obedience,but this one is definitely not one of them.Shaanxi women,especially in the rural area oftentimes cover their head with a handkerchief no matter when cooking or doing farm works.Why???

The ballad is the following: the old ladies in country wear the checkered handkerchief on head which can be against sunshine, dust and rain and used to wipe hands and sweat.

When you wander on the country road in Shaanxi, you will see the old ladies worn handkerchief pace their lotus feet slowly leaning on a stick every now and then . The handkerchief worn on head becomes the sharp distinction between the old ladies in Shaanxi and the old ones in other places.

As for the handkerchief worn on the old lady’s head, it has had a long history, which is a folk custom.  The Shaanxi province locates on the Loess Plateau where is drought with strong sunlight and sand blown by wind, so the women in country wear the handkerchief on head when they work hard.

As for the use of the small handkerchief, it is very large. The handkerchief prevents not only the sunshine from hurting the skin but also the dust from getting into the hair. What’s more ,it can ensure the hair is orderly. Working outside without towel, it can wipe the sweat and dust which is really applied as well as beautiful.

In fact, the old ladies wearing handkerchief has something with the life in the past. As the life was hard at that time, people couldn’t afford the beautiful hats. They had no choice but buy the cheap but applied handkerchief. Now various of hats have taken the place of handkerchief after people get rich. However, the handkerchief has become scenery in the immemorial history.

Sometimes seeing the cynical wear the colorful handkerchiefs on the street by chance, whose hair has been dyed yellow, I feel the world is reversed suddenly.”

So,wearing is also a fashion now.Hmmm,I might wear one if I could not afford one beautiful hat:D


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