Cultural Express—Team Work or Individualism

Anyone who used to work in China would have noticed the differences of management.
In China,ranging from the governmental sector to a class in school,the dictatorship reigns.However,almost all the discussion in the western countries take the form of round-table meeting.
Well,to ask which one I like?The answer would be:the latter one.
Dictatorship means the management gives the orders while the inferior follow.The better follower will be rewarded and elated.Even though that might eliminate the worse and push the better.Side effects are obvious:it unavoidably engenders competition among the pious followers,which will lead to sleeplessness,anxiety,desperation,and what’s worse,ending of one’s life under unbearable failure and stress.
While in the latter,the boss just sits,listens to collect all the good ideas from his creative staff to make out a perfect plan,thus prospering both the whole and the single.Competition is controlled in a mild degree to enliven the atmosphere and enhance the efficiency.And you never would have to be pushed to suffer the side effects of the former one.Besides,you can earn some extra things as a reward—being less self-centered and individulist.


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