Cultural Express—Distance Culture

  After 3-hour sleep,I had to get up at 7 in order to be punctual at church on Sunday morning.I did not hate going to church,but the idea of having to labor while feeling too sleepy to do anything.Even though,I had actually had a fruitful night by chatting with a guest here.

  Pay attention,Travelers!!!If you are coming to China,prepare yourselves for very crowded transportations wherever you go.When rush hour comes,people can even stand face by face.Turning around carelessly will 99.9% lead to an unexpected and embarassing kiss on a stranger’s face,or,what’s worse,a little scratch on your luxurious leather bag by a metallic accessory from another’s knapsack.

  When Joel(the guy I chatted with) genuinely experienced himself on the train and bus,he was stunned and struck a moment speechless.He did not know how to react to this “intimacy” since it is in China.He was sure it was the right choice to show aggressiveness as he usually does in Colorado.A personal fight and an international feud might be ended up with.He told people from C would never be so “close” unless you are family,friends or lovers.If anyone dare step across the line drawn to keep each other almost 1 meter away,well,”I would not be sure you would be as safe the next moment.”You will be suspected as a pocket-picker or something.


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