Cultural Express—Cleanliness Culture

 Good morning,world.Here comes the third updating of the Cultural Express.

 Sunday mornings,for me,is the time of worship and study.After 1.5-hour sermon,we were divided into 2 groups for Bible-study.

  The details of our discussion had actually failed me right now but one thing.The teacher occasionally mentioned some anecdote.When she,the other day,talked with a foreign friend about their money,she found that the paper was quite fragrant.It turned out to be due to the perfume.It seems that every foreigner would have a bottle of Lancome or Channel in their handbag or portfolio,so even the paper money has been scented.However,when it comes to China,we are all disgusted at the stenched cash.

  Meaning no offense to my fellowmen,but actually I cannot easily come up with the sanitary habits.Shower for only four times a year will never trigger a “Oh,my,incredible” here.Bathing twice a day???Always deemed as a western lifestyle.Therefore,every morning,it is routine I would be embraced by the stinky smell out of some gentleman instantly when I aboard the bus.Oops,that is killing me!!!

  The other point is about the “toilets” and “restrooms”.2 years ago,I read on a book writing on restroom in an american uni’s library restroom,which amazed the Chinese author with it methodicalness and atmosphere of relaxation since a nice sofa was offered there and some potted plant fixed.Compared with the filthiness of “toilets”,I am stunned for a while.

  Image                               ImageImageImage


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