Cultural Express–“Goodbye” Cultures

  Last night,when we 3 girls were staying at home,enjoying our rare relaxing hours,someone knocked at our door.It turned out to be 2 elder sisters of our church,one of whom carelessly left her Bible behind and that came along to pick them up on their after-dinner stroll.

  Well,you know,once the old ladies in China meet some other girls who are at the same age of their children,long-time chitchat would be in no wise avoided.Thus,we did that for maybe half an hour.Finally,at the moment I could not feel my legs,they decided to leave.Hardly had I exhaled a sigh of relief than they suddenly found another topic to go on.My smiling face stiffened…

  I thought they would finish that in at most 5-10 minutes,however,this 5-10 minutes had been limitlessly lengthened to an hour!!!What an emotional farewell that was to last for such a while!!!

  Compared to all my western friends,they had definitely been too much talkative.None of my foreign friends had ever once bidden a farewell more than 1 minute with a “Really nice to meet you!!!Wish we could catch up soon in the future~~”or “See you next time!!!”

   Alas,we Chinese people are not punctual not only on arrival,but also on departure…


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