Cultural Express—Traffic Cultures

      As usual,I took a bus ride to head back home after work.Being tossed and pushed for 20 minutes,I got here.Then,I withdrew some cash from the nearest bank and bought me the dinner.Ten minutes later,I found myself standing in the middle of the zebra where,surprisingly,the pedestrians,the vehicles from 3 directions(that was a T-cross road)were knotted into a,when I raised my head to find out the color of traffic light,I was again surprised to see a red color.That meant at this juncture,no wheels was allowed to roll around.That was our–walkers’ time.At last,I had to cut my way out of the cracks of the chaos and arrived at the other bank of the road with nothing to lose.

      This is typical China!!!

      I was not being ironic here because I said so only due to that fact that it had reminded me of the last interesting cultural talk with Dima,my Russian friend met in Hanwood and Thomas brothers from Germany in cafe-bar(it looked so cozy and quiet as if it was a cafe).


      We had got many topics,from history,morals to small details such as dressing,but what impressed most was the traffic.Well,I suppose everyone has known that the traffic situation is the best in the world,probably.Mess will never happen to it.Cars,trunks,taxis,etc go one by one and follow strictly the rigid rules.Never and nowhere there will you see the flow going one direction while the other one is one the way trying to interrupt or cut.

      However,the opposite is that in China.I believe the least chaotic traffic I ever met here is 99.9 percent around the Foreign Affairs Bureau where no clue of breach on the rule cannot possibly be found since governmental eyes are looking from any possible window of the 24-floor building perching at the southwestern corner of the BIG intersection.



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