April Fool’s Day in 2012—Great Joke!!!

April 1st 2012 may be a special or a common day,it depends on how you see it.Generally,people in the world knows it is the Fool’s Day while for Chinese people,it is the start of the Tomb Sweeping holidays lasting for 4 days.

However,for us,all the staff in Hanwood,that is definitely a beginning of some unexpected big joke and lasting bad luck.

Since the first day of March,we,well,exactly,our shrewd boss has been expecting holidays’ coming,when usually increasing amount of travelers are here staying,going around and booking some tours with us.That means we may earn a great amount then!!!

Finally,it arrived.Overjoyed Andy(my boss)got up very early to embrace it.He even hummed some tune as a celebration personally.

Ironically,the power suddenly went off.O_o

“What happened???”screamed Andy,so did some of the guests entertaining around in the lobby.

He walked out quickly to check if this fell upon every neighbour.Unfortunately,it did.We thought it would come back very soon since this kind of thing occurred before,though not often,but which was very fresh in our memories.Then we calmed down and began to cope with things without computer and keyboard.One hour later,power was still off.Two hours later,off.Fine,we might wait,it was not a big case.Three hours later,not restored.Euh,there might be some tricky problem.Four hours later,the same…then five,six,seven,eight…

“Could you please explain what it is going on here???”one upset guest rushed to us.

We were shocked dumb at first,brain blanking at that time.One minute later,brain cells resumed brainstorming and organizing the reasons to comfort…

Thus,one day and one night passed.The second day,expecting things would be fine then,we were disappointed and frustrated the whole day.Yes,the same.Some checked out earlier to find another hostel and losses were made in that way.Andy was a bit carried away and freaked out,but no one could help it.

Meantime,we actually got a lot of notifications to say the electricity will be back at what,what,what time.However,any of them was like a lie.It never came back as they said!!!

Then,another day and night.April 3rd was here now.We stopped hoping and did what we should do to “grease the broken chain”.We have been used to complaints and threats to say “we would move out if we would not have power by what time!”Well,ok,do what you want.

At 14:59,some sound cheered us up,it was like the restoration of power.We headed up and saw the light on there and the lobby bright all of a sudden.Oh,yes!!!!!Nightmare has finally gone!We would hold a party to memorize the big moment if not working now.

Now,in retrospect,that was really a big joke for this April Fool’s Day…


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