I Miss You,My Dear!—For Puppy’s Day

When a new week of workdays begun,I was scratching my head over what theme of the new blog I would like to contribute.Thinking,thinking,thinking…ok,I would give up and leave that for tomorrow.Browsing on wordpress,a title suddenly grabbed my attention:Happy Puppy Day!!!

What?Puppy Day???Does that exist in the world???

Oh,yes,it does.Google gave me a list of information about it.It falls on March 23rd annually.Here you may also find a specially-designed website for the festival(if it can be called a festival,not just a DAY): http://www.nationalpuppyday.com/index2.htm.

When it comes to puppy,all I have in mind is my little honey I fed at my 12.

One day,I went back home as usual after school.My father was already there,busying with cooking dinner for both of us.Well,the memory is a bit vague now,but I know that we were talking then and my father kept a mysterious smile all the time.“What is going on???”I was wondering.

“My kid,may you be bothered a minute to fetch the onions from that basket for me?”he abruptly said to me,breaking my chains of thought.

I walked to the basket and put my hands in for the onions.Ouch,what happened???Something warm was moving!!!Scared,I swiftly backed off in panic and hid behind my father with my head secretly inclining.

“Hahahahaha,look,look,look.You were so scared~~~”My father laughed at my reaction.

Going to the basket himself,he took the onions out and put them aside,then brought a black,small,furry thing between arms.It was whining!!!I cautiously moved towards them,1st step,2nd one,then the third,the fourth…I finally saw clearly.A PUPPYYYYYYYYYYYY~~~

It was black,tiny and furry as what I said just now,whining over there.Immediately,my love for cuteness and empathy for the fragile were aroused.I forgot completely about the panic then and almost robbed it of my father.Holding it around,it’s eyes were both closed.Why???My father later told me that it was not born more then 1 month,so it was not able to open eyes and see.That meant,to some degree,it was blind.

Poor thing!!

From that day on,I started a life with it beside.I called it Snowball.Well,I did know that it was as white as the snow,but curiously,all that struck me at that moment was this name.It stayed in a paperbox where a layer of cotton was made and a tiny bowl was set.Very simple,but enough then.

I loved it so much and I showed it off to all my friends.They fancied it too~~~

However,when the night came and we all went to sleep,it begun to whine.It generally lasted the whole night!!!Oh,I should not have standed it,it gave me so horrible a life!Sleep,sleep,sleep was all the word that stuck in mind on classes.What was the teachers’ saying there I did not care nor listen.My father seemed having sensed.

The other day,I was back and waited for Snowball’s whining as a welcome like it usually did,for around several mins.Silence.That was all???I decided to explore.The box was EMPTY!!lol

Searching from the ceiling to the floor under bed,I found nothing black,warm and furry.

“Father,where is it???Did you see???It was gone!!!”I rushed to father.

“How should I know,you were taking care of it all the time!!”

I crazily seeked for it until7 a.m.,the time I ought to go to school.Then I had to go,but on the way,I made a discovery.It was inside a roadside lawn,quivering and moaning.???Suddenly,a fleeting of desire came to me.

“Why???”I asked my father directly.

“What?”he pretended not to see.

“This!!!Why was it there???Did you throw it away???”I furiously pointed at the little thing held.

“Well,fine.Calm down!!I will let you,ok???…”

In fact,I should not have blamed my dad for being so cruel to it since he was just worried about my fitness and study.If it did bother me on these,he had better take it away forever.However,It was so cold then and it did not learn to see,listen,stand,or walk.I would die in that way!!!

After a discussion,we both made a compromise.Snowball stay on the balcony with more cotton and thicker box around.

In retrospect,it has been over 10 years since Snowball died of falling from the 4th floor accidently.Every puppy photo would take me back to 10 years ago.Likewise,I would have cried my eyes out now if I am working.

Oh,my dear Snowball,I miss yooooooooooou!!!


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