Horoscope Discrimination???What???

From Wuhan:Students at Zhongnan University are up in arms over horoscope discrimnation.

This is the first part of a passage put on 21st Century newspaper.Horoscope discrimination may sound strange at first,but in retrospect,you will definitely discover that this prejudice has been all the rage amongst us in daily life.

Teenagers seek friends partly depends upon the widespread “Dispostion Analysis of the Twelve Star Signs”:

Aquarius people(Jan 20th— Feb 18th) are considered rational and mature,but also to be able to spark with some unusual and never-heard-before ideas.

Pisces lot(Feb 19th—Mar 20th) are said to be sensitive and sensational,but also fragile and vulnerable when it come s to emotion and romance.

Aries friends(March 21st—April 20th) would be very postitive and easy to go around due to their liveliness and vigorousness,but sometimes you need to help them get control over their bad-temper and try to keep them from being an easy aggressor.

Compared with Aries,Taurus(April 21st—May 20th) are commonly very introverted and slow,but extremely methodical and stable.A lot of thoughts are done before taking any action.

Gemini people(May 21st—June 20th),who are too much tricky and cunning,often change their words from time to time.Consistence,perseverance and fortitude are never found from their “virtue dictionary”,but “Working by fits and starts”is listed at the top spot,with no doubt

  Cancers(June 21st—July 22nd) love family with all their hearts,in others’ eyes.In nature,they want love and security both of which can only be completely given by family.Their beloved people will get the cordial devotion.

If you like your friends to be passionate,active and generous,Leos(July 23rd—Aug 22nd)are the choice.However,do show as much patience and respect as possible to their arrogance,too much self-esteem and carelessness.
Virgos(Aug 23rd—Sep 22nd) are perfectionists,who won’t stand any dot on a over-polished leather shoe or any strange taste in the quality French cuisine.It seems that they are fairly inconfident,always pushing themselves more forwards even though the top has been reached.That is why they burden much pressure every second.Being friends with her may be ‘difficile’,but you will soon enjoy yourselves in her considerate services and help.

 Libras(Sep 23rd—Oct 23rd) would be an awesome part if they join the UN.They love peace-keeping not with forces but eloquency and communication skills.Being boss is never their sort since they are all very hesitant when decision needs making.

There is a kind of people who draws a clear line between love and hatred,that is Scorpio people(Oct 24th—Nov 21st).They will not hesitate to go once they’ve decided to love or pursue something,but do not try to annoy them.You will get a huge blow from them for revenge.

  Sagittarius(Nov 22nd—Dec 21st) can be travelers and wonderful adventures.They like to be challenged.On the other side,girls,you need to listen up.Never find yourselves a Sagittrius BF,you will hurt greatly by his fickleness in love.

By contrast to Geminis,Capricorns(Dec 22nd—Jan 19th) have got all they lack:patience,perseverance,fortitude,studiousness and responsibility.They are like the apples of God’s eyes.At the same time,the stubbornness and mistrust may prevent themselves from integrating into a team.

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Due to the analysis,horoscope discrimination was subconciously transmitted into minds.Girls and boys are all talking about the analysis.To find out who they are and who their lovers are has taken up all the attention.

Even the company recruits based upon this:

  “Students at Zhongnan University are up in arms over horoscope discrmination.

   A Guangdong-based company advertised a vacancy for a designer on the website of Zhongnan University of Economics and Law last weekend.Applicants whose star signs were Virgo,Scorpio and Taurus would be considered as propriety.Pisces students were ruled out.Students expressed their anger about star sign discrimination online.The company has not commented”

INSANE!!!That is all my feeling at the first sight of it.

Do you believe that???


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