A page on calendar was torn and March 6th is now shown on another.Well,Spring is just hidden around us,waiting for a right time to suddenly jump out of the shadow and scream:”I am coming!!!”

Girls have been eager to take off the thick coats and furry boots and put on the light,silky skirts and colorful blouses as well as some handsome suits


“Let’s go shopping!!!”I raised up my hand and was the first one to respond to Muxiang’s calling.Well,I am just one amongst the eager girls.

“Ok!”the other four said yes,too.


“How about this Thursday???That is Women’s Day!!!I suppose we will at least one-day leave for that.”Star said.

“My boss will not give me any holidays for the festivals,I bet,since it is hospitality!!!Did you ever seen some hotel close the door just for the reason of festivities???Never!!!”I disagreed.

“Then,Sunday afternoon???”

We exchanged the glances and nodded.

This is not yet Sunday,but I have been excited about that.I was windowshopping online these days on, where you may find various clothes and accessories and even the furnitures.Anyway,it is extensive.However,the qualities can not let me give out my thumb all the time.

I still found a good shop that attracted my eyes.Their commodities are quite delicate and fancy,fused with some ancient and European fashion elements.I love them.

I shared the link with Muxiang immediately,who had an agreeably good taste in fashion and art.

“Too medieaval!!!”that was the comment I got back.

“What???O_oAre you serious,my dear???They are so lovely and beautiful!!!Look at them!!!”I nearly wanted to swallow the 12th paragraph back.I regretted to highly spoke of her taste at that moment.

“Go to my Qqzone and you will know what I meant.”

I spent twenty minutes in her zone and downloaded some pics.


Wow,this is like awesome,but I don’t think it is suitable to me.Anyway,I have to admit—these are much better than mine,but I still need to wait until I get enough money and age to put them on.


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