Mission Impossible Is not Impossible

We kept silent on the way back to the hostel.

Suddenly,”I was still quite stunned by Tom’s performance of climbing the tallest sky-scraper in Dubai!!!How could he make it??!!!”Angel broke the silence.

Don’t be confused,we were talking about the movie—Mission Impossible 4 that we watched last Wednesday afternoon.Before she did that,we were all engrossed with the reminiscences of it.

American thrillers are almost all alike,I always complain about that,however,strangely,they never bored me but thrilled and attracted me a lot.Maybe I am just quite amazed at its techniques and high-tech scenes.I never saw these in the Chinese movies.

“Wow!!!lol””it was all what I said while Agent Carter put a len into Agent William‘s eye and a copy was made after he blinked twice towards a paper(well even though it was not so perfect at that moment).I screamed out in the cinema when Tom was falling along the tallest building,but luckily I was not kicked out for that since everyone did the same…

Generally,I screamed and laughed and was touched.When it was finished,I felt I was going to replay it if I were in charge of the cinema.However,I were and what was more,I had to go back to work.:(

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