Have You Cut Your Hair for Dragon Head-raising Day???

“Oh,my hair is in a mess.I cannot comb it smoothly!!!”Star complained in the bathroom while making herself up.

“Well,just go to the hairdresser’s.I believe she will definitely cut the chaos into orderliness!”I said after her 101st complaint.

“No,I can’t…no no no…I mustn’t!”

“You mustn’t??Why???”I was stunned by her “mustn’t”.

“Did you forget that?It is the first lunar month of this year when cutting on hair is conventionally forbidden!!!”

Ah,yes,I really forgot about that since it is always considered a superstition for me.Don’t you think so???You have to let your hair wait until the second day of the second lunar month just due to some undocumented convention.That is insane!!!I will never do that.

Actually,that is the talk between us going on last month.Now,that conventional day for hair-cutting will be here in two days—we call it “Dragon Head-raising Day”.

You must have been curious about the origin of  this seemingly strange custom.I searched online and asked some elder people who told me that it was originated also from a superstition in the ancient times.

It was said that dragon used to live in the palace at the bottom of the ocean and he was in charge of the rain and wind.At the second day of the lunar February,the Winter had just gone and the Spring come back,the dragon dormant for the whole winter began to raise its head in order t0 blow the wind as well as to fall the rain on the ground.Then,everything old will be brushed away.That is why cutting the hair is considered auspicious at that time.All the bad luck will be brought away.

Even though I do not believe in the crazy belief,I will go and have my hair style changed for it has been more chaotic than Star’s a month ago!!!


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