Valentine’s Day is Resented???I did not notice that…

Waking up with happy and relaxing mood,I dressed up and said to myself,”Catherine,it is good day again,learn to enjoy it!!!”Then I rushed out with my bag  since it was time to go to work.

“Hello,good morning!!^_^”greeted I with a smile to the French guest met at the first moment of entering the hostel.He smiled back and said bonjour to me.After I put down the bag and went back to tear the old page from calendar,it occurred to me that today was Valentine’s Day!!!

Actually,Valentine’s Day has never been for me.I am now 20,but still without anyone to date with:( However,I am still excited about it for whatever reason.

To my surprise,not everyone is as excited as me.”Valentine’s Day is the worst because people won’t shut up about how much they hate Valentine’s Day.”someone posted on twitter.

Really???I asked Adrian,a Swedish traveler beside me.

He laughed but nodded his head.”Why?!!!”O_O confused was I.

“Well,let’s take it like this.If you were 32 years old,having no husband or boyfriend,and now were sitting a

subway with loving couples around,then what would you think???”Then,sour grapes,I thought at that moment.                                           

Ah,I forgot about all the left-overs,sorry…

I know you will be jealous if you think you are going to end an old maid or an old bachelor while seeing others intimate.However,that does not mean Valentine’s is resented.

Do you think you may anyone’s heart if you always bear a resentful look???Learn to love the day and enjoy it even though you are still single,your love and gentleness may bring you good luck^_-

Have a try~~~                        


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