Lantern Festival

Feb 6th of 2012 may not be a special day to you unless yo are from China,Taiwan,Singapore or Vietnam.Just as its name says,it is festival celebrated with LANTERNS.

“元宵节”、“上元节”、“灯节”are several other methods of calling the festival in Chinese.It usually falls on the 15th day of the first lunar month in a year since it is the day in the month you will the full moon hanging in the sky.After that day,the celebration for Chinese Lunar New Year which lasts for 15 days comes to an end.

You may be curious about how Chinese people observe this festivity:P.Don’t hurry,I will tell you right now~~~

It was generally originated from the West Hang Dynasty,but was only limited among the royal family and noblemen at first.Therefore,it was not as expected as nowadays by almost everyone in China.Later,it was spread to the masses and customs as well as forms for observance were enriched a lot.

Lanterns played an inportant role in its celebration.Not only would children have one or even two lanterns

in their hands to go out for the fair held on that day and to play with their mates together,but red lamterns

with lucky words imprinted on them would be hung at the every corner of the people’s mansions so as to bring

more luck as well.Lantern Festival is always regarded as an occasion for people to have a family reunion,which

is reflected from a kind food eaten for that day—汤圆,glutinous rice balls.The pronunciation of the Chinese

name is quite similar to that of “团团圆圆”,as means “union”in English.

Besides,there were also some other forms of celebration,such as,dragon dances,lion dances,parade of people walking on stilts,etc.

However,there are some people calling this day a “Chinese Valentine’s Day”for in ancient times,lantern fairs would be held on that day each year where single people went to appreciate beautiful lanterns,solve riddles on lanterns and watch the shows over there,hopefully by doing these they would meet their Mr or Miss Right.

Nowadays,more modern elements have been added to the celebration.Fireworks let out.evening galas shown on TV…

Last night,we had a grand lantern party around the City Wall in Xi’an.A lot of people had been there to appreciate the different styles of lanterns,figure lanterns,animal lanterns,statue lanterns and even buildings composed by lanterns…

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