2012-Dragon Year

2 days ago,we just celebrated the Chinese New Year in China.

Usually the traditions are uniting family,letting out fireworks,eating dumplings and then watching the evening gala to go thru 0 a.m..This is no exception.

However,I still found that the Northern traditions differentiate themselves from the Southern ones.I did not have dumplings for the dinner,but a lot of wonderful dishes.Then,I remembered someone told me people here don’t usually have dumplings for the Eve,instead,for another as important day.A bit disappointed…

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The evening gala is also another expectation for the festival.Even though it is generally disappointing to me this year,there are still some highlights in it. A lot of eminent and talented musicians all came to the gala to sing some old,classic songs.The dancing shows performed by Yang Liping (famous dancer in China),and some intelligent persons around China were eye-attracting.


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