First Snow of 2012 in Xi’an,China!!!Finally!!!

From last November to last night(Jan 20th,2012),we had been expecting some snow in Xi’an,but none had come until last night.I was so surprised and excited that I wrote some status about that on facebook at once.The next morning,I told the manager,if possible,pls take some photos of it since I wanted to share online.Then I went to sleep straight away…

After I got up,I was told of the ready photos already put in our Qzone,so I went online and downloaded them.

Before posting them,I had a look at them.The Big Wild Goose Pagoda and its South Square in front of it were all covered with white snow.The ground there must have been very slippery since I thought I saw some ice fixed on the surface of paths.(Luckily,I did not go out today at all,the choice was right,Yeah!!!)One of the most interesting  parts was that the poor and hard-working Monk Xuanzang was still marching towards India in snow for its Buddhist scriptures…

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