My Son, The Dancer

My Son, The Dancer.

This is an excerpt of the book,I suppose,since I did not finish all her posts.At first,I laughed at it since the story looks like a funny and comedic diary about her little growing-up innocent boy.After I read the whole story,I almost wanted to give myself a slap on face since I felt quite silly and impolite I did that.Sorry…

Actually,it is a very serious thing.I learned some psychology and me some people who were the same with her boy.Personally,I don’t think to do what the doctor told is enough and beneficial for the boy.Perhaps,it will only do more harm to him.

If you(C.J’s Mom) can see my blog and you are interested,I suggest you read a book called Raising Boys written by Steve Biddulph.Hopefully,it may lighten your pressure from bringing up your boy.^_^


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