Winter Solstice Dumpling Banquet

      Probably for anyone around the world except China,Winter Solstice is just a solar term no one would like to pay more attention to when he turns to another page on the calendar.However,it means so much to Chinese people that it is taken more seriously than Spring Festival,which is as essential as the Christmas to the West,since it is a turn from Yin to Yang naturally.People believes it is important for the next year,so they celebrate it by doing something special,such as,having a family reunion,making dumplings for the reunion dinner.

     On Dec.22nd,Winter Solstice of 2011 came.In order to celebrate with people staying in Xi’an and being unable to go back home for union,we held a Dumpling Banquet for guests here and townsmen in Xi’an.

     At the beginning of it,we staff learnt how to make figure dumplings.After the guests came,we acted as the teachers of figure dumplings for them who,no matter Chinese or foreigners,were both quite interested.Then,we boiled the dumplings and made the pool table a dinner table around which we sat and talked.The dumplings were so delicious that the foreigners here gave us thumbs all the way.

     At 8:30 p.m.,game time was coming.Chinese Whisper,Pass the Flower,etc attracted every people being filled with yummy dumplings.The ones who failed got published with many weird and clownish,like,using your bottom to spell some English words,or reciting a serious poem while holding an opposite sex’s hands with passionate eyes staring at her or him.

     Actually,when we were planning the banquet,we thought we would like to invite a master at Chinese paper cutting to teach us at the end.And we did.You will see the paper we cut by ourselves in the photos^_^

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