Grateful Thanksgiving

   Usually,Thanksgiving falls on the fourth Thursday of the November.This year,according to lunar calendar,it is Nov 24th.

   In U.S.A.,Canada or some other countries,people observe by getting together with family members or friends at home,cooking very grand dinner which includes turkeys,apple pies,biscuits and toasted goose,etc.

   However,here in China,things will change a bit.We are not used to eating the toasted turkey;we don’t know how to bake the apple pie…

   Therefore,this year,our hostel changed the way to celebrate it—we held a Bazaar.

   10 days before the festival, we began to prepare for the Bazaar. We posted the news online,kept in contact with our friends,told everyone that would be here on that day of it,so that a lot of people were at the Bazaar.

   Now,I think I need to explain something about the Bazaar: you may buction the things by paying or exchanging your own things.All the income from the activity will be donated to the children in mountainous area.

   That night,most of them taking part in brought their own things,such as,precious antiques,favorite CDs,fancy perfume made in America,delicate silk bought in Hangzhou…The most attractive one was the paintings drawn by a talented artist of Xi’an,Chenye(陈烨),directly in front of everyone.Both of them had the profound meanings related with the poor children who couldn’t afford the schooling and their dreams.People there bought almost everything displayed on the table with much higher prices than the thins’ original ones.

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   At the end of it,we counted the money got—more than 5100RMB,which was all donated to the the children via the help the voluteering website organizing the charity things.

   We gave our love to the children on this day and hopefully they would go on with their lives by the help from different persons around the world and share the warmth from the loving atmosphere in the festival!!!


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