Hey!!!Come to Us!!!!

It has been almost two years since Hanwood first started.In retrospect,we see that she has experienced a lot.

At the very beginning,few people knew her.It is understandable,of course.All things are difficult before they are easy.However,by and by,things were changing.

Everyone tried his best to offer good services(no matter it be ticket services,daily services,housekeeping services and tour services).Then,very friendly and helpful English-speaking staff with artistic atmosphere and great location around Big Wild Goose Pagoda area has been the most attractive quality of her.With the lively promotion online,the amount of good reviews online was going up.The various activities had been richer,BBQ party during the summertime,dancing party sometime,dumpling party for the chilly winter…More and more funny or moving blogs on the walls in the staircase.

This April,she has been shortened in size in order to make people feel more at home here.New but as friendly and helpful staff have come:Loneking,Candy,Wendy,Jessica and Catherine.

Today,Hanwood has become very known online,but it didn’t stop changing.Hopefully,it will become more and more innovative and novel but still as artistic and  cozy.

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http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bMvYRxlBkY4—Video about Us on Youtube


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