BBQ Party

A year ago,we met Kate and her husband.We became very good friends.This year,she came back with her Austrilian friends,so we decided to hold a party to welcome them.

This afternoon,Almy(our boss’s wife)bought a lot of stuffs for the party.Catherine,Crystal and Caroline all went up to the roof to help with the arrangements of the party.

After 3-4 hours’ preparation,the most exciting moment came.

Kate and her friends were happy and surprised to see that the party had been well prepared and decorated.Techno muic started,applause aroused,everyone was ready for the party…

Our friend,Brother Liu,was busy barbequing with several young people.One of Kate’s friends came to him with 2 bottles of beer.They hugged,greeted each other with loud chatting voice,toasted.

Ningning,our another friend,came and joined us with his English camp.

After 3 hours,it came to an end(July 7th).


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